Crossing the walls – destiny

Fears and insecurities are unconsciously created by you. If you do not create them then they do not exist.


Sometimes it is important to cross the walls. Neither was he so strong, nor was I so outgoing to cross the invisible walls that proved to be so suffocating. Do people choose to stay in a relation because they love each other or because they feel the burden of commitment is way stronger than their desire to be happy? With such anxiety and pain, his days were passing and his nights were painful. He started taking interest in other things which would give him peace. But of-course, nothing comes for free. Everything has a side effect; any addiction can give you momentary peace but long term effects are inevitable. Is it too difficult for someone to accept you the way you are? He did not expect much from his life: a simple life, loving family, passion to fulfill and a purpose of life to accomplish. Was it too much to ask for?

He expected little support for his purpose but it made him shoe-less. No one was there to support him. Instead, he got criticism and humiliation in return. His bare feet were solely hurting not because of the rocks and thorns that were coming in his way but because of the pain of negligence. His soul never belonged to the person he was staying with. He still tried to build it up with all his love but nothing worked which teared his soul apart and gave him a reason to fly away. He never wanted to fly-off the nest because of the promises he made but it broke way before he realized. After facing so much negligence and atrocities he started feeling that there is no perfect thing like “love” in this world. He succumbed himself to destiny and thought of destroying his life. But destiny had something else in store for him…

It is at that time when he thought that everything is coming to an end, but destiny was planning a new beginning for him. A new beginning to live for his purpose, a new ray of hope to smile, be happy and a shoulder to support. It all started with a few words: “sab theek ho jayega” meaning everything will be fine. It felt as if someone infused life in a dead soul. He forgot the night but could not forget those words which were constantly playing in his head. But life is not that simple as it may sound. He started to feel the connection of those words, he wanted to chat more, be around the same voice. It was solace for him which was difficult like the word itself. At this time he didn’t even know that this voice will become his life. He never imagined that his life will take a complete turn although he might need to fight a new battle because precious things are priceless. You need to earn it and to earn it: you have to fight for it. This was the start (“aagaaz“) of our relationship which is not bound by any strings, ritual or ceremony but much more stronger than all the worldly bonds. I never wanted to make him mine, just wanted him to be happy and wished best for him but our strings were bound to be together forever.

I do believe in reincarnation and meeting him made me realize that if you are related to someone from previous birth and your souls are connected then not only destiny but whole universe will find its way to reunite you. I don’t think of past, neither do I think of future, just want to live in this moment which God has given us after a lot of difficulties. Life never gives a second chance to everyone. Definitely, we are amongst the blessed ones.

Forever mine .. with lots of love

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Payal Tyagi

I am a software professional with wide experience in various information technologies and I love grinding in as a software nerd. I have a great interest in the field of arts and entertainment and I love to write and talk about what I observe around me and gather knowledge from whatever I can.

51 thoughts on “Crossing the walls – destiny”

  1. What a lovely and interesting story. I personally don’t believe in reincarnation but did enjoy hearing your story! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. The quote at the beginning is so true. I don’t understand though, is he okay? I feel like I’m left hanging. He seems to be struggling with something that can’t be completely fixed by a relationship.


    1. Yes he is absolutely fine now and running a million dollar company. I am really proud of him. Definitely it is not only relationship that can change anyone’s life but sometimes you are looking for that one push, trust and support that no one else provided you.

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    1. Thank you Shannon, ideally no one has seen past birth so we cannot comment about it. But if you meet someone and feel strong connection in first meet then there is definitely something more to it. Just my thought.


  3. Hi there,

    While I don’t believe in re-incarnation, I do believe in fate and that some souls are destined to meet. I love love stories, being an Indian myself. Lol!
    This was a rather sad story. I can honestly relate to a few parts. I really really loved this blog. Beautiful indeed, Payal! The part that stood out was the way he said sab theek ho jayenge. Often we go through enormous trials and the one thing which leaves us hanging on to hope is our faith!
    I was really touched by this blog/story!
    Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Definitely agree with this. Insecurities are part of imagination and so many times due to this, we don’t even want to try. But yes, it’s imp to move forward.

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  5. Your story is wonderful!!! I think souls are connected all the time and I’ve never given any thought to what I think of reincarnation but I love your view on it!

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  6. I can’t agree with you more and with the quote from Sadhguru. He was my guru for a few years, he is awesome. We create and feed our insecurities all the time, such a destructive cycle.

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  7. Very nice story and nice beliefs. I don’t believe in reincarnation, I don’t think we live more than one life, and I always say try to make the best of it. Nobody knows what happens after you die.

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  8. It’s so important to live in the moment. Thinking about the past is so painful sometimes and the future well, takes planning. I do believe in soul mates and meeting people again, this was such a beautiful read.

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