Unapologetically awesome and fearless

Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential and power, let difficulties know that you too are difficult.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

“Don’t worry about the issue. I am sending my f***in best to take care of it.” It really feels like an achievement when you hear this from your mentors. These were the words that thrilled her, motivated her to strive for excellence and aggravated her appetite to achieve more. They brought the best out of her and made her presence invincible for all around her.

She was a vibration, she was an inspiration, outspoken, candid, talented, intelligent but above all, she was like fire. For her, work meant passion and commitment like a relationship. But like every relationship has its ups and downs so was this one. She was given a warm welcome to her workplace, received “employee of the year” award and this motivated her to work with all her heart. But she did not know what was coming for her. Workplace soon became a battle ground. She never thought that her enthusiasm and dedication to work will be misinterpreted because of her candid nature, frank attitude and extrovert personality. No matter how smart she was and what she had achieved so far but still she had to go through the pain of judgment. Judgment by people who were double her age, half her talent and still audacious to call themselves seniors because of the numbers they added to their working graph. Is this the way our organizations and industries are supposed to work? Every company and HR is excellent when it comes to women empowerment and equality of work but if any woman raises her voice against someone then the same HR comes and tells her, “we understand you, but you know nothing can be done in this matter. Best you just continue your work”. Is this the kind of utopia we are expecting at work or I must say “euthanasia” of talent and aspirations? Now having said that I am not at all advocating for feminism but I prudently demand equality. No one has the right to judge you because you are eloquent, dress elegantly, look good and don’t shy away from any topic when it comes to discussion.

Her story was no different but she created extraordinary out of the ordinary. This happened in the United States of Opportunities where talent speaks for itself but you know that developed countries also go through these cliché challenges. Not true for all organizations, but she was destined to meet a bunch of morons because life wanted to teach her a lesson that everything in life is not hunky-dory. Especially, if you are born to do extraordinary things, then you have to carve your way out. She was given a hard time at work, not because she was inefficient but because she was outspoken, stood for good and voiced her opinion against the bad. She had an opinion and the courage to voice it out. If anyone tells me that workplace chauvinism does not exist, then I might say that you are mistaken, because it does exist but subjective to the kind of people you happen to encounter. Especially, when you are smart, ambitious, good is an understatement, but excellent at work and can overpower anybody by your knowledge, then people do get intimidated. Getting intimidated is OK but getting anxious and jealous is a sign of incompetency. She fought her way out even though it was very difficult for her to survive because of Chronicles of Narnia happening around her, but she was strong enough to not be broken.

She found that the best way to deal with it is not to deal with it. Just fight for your rights and don’t let anyone take your integrity. Keeping this in mind, she stood for herself and decided one day that she will fight for herself in a dignified manner where she will be proud for her work and will not let anyone kill her inner self. She will not take any bullet on her personal character, but rather show a mirror to the incompetent flag bearers.

If you are right and true to yourself then it takes immense strength for anybody to belittle you. It is a big shame on us if we surrender ourselves to such situations. Rise above all odds and show the world who you are. Because people can take your position, take your creation, but they cannot take away your confidence, your knowledge and your desire to achieve and aspire. Neither can they take away your talent.

Always remember that you don’t win the battle when it is done, rather you win the battle when you really decide to fight for yourself.

Losers can only play because they don’t know how to win and winners never loose, they just delay to keep losers playing. So the choice is yours! Be unapologetically awesome and fearless, always. Follow the stars, strive for them and leave the rest because you never know, you might end up with the whole universe itself.

Unapologetically, Your's Truly,

Published by

Payal Tyagi

I am a software professional with wide experience in various information technologies and I love grinding in as a software nerd. I have a great interest in the field of arts and entertainment and I love to write and talk about what I observe around me and gather knowledge from whatever I can.

44 thoughts on “Unapologetically awesome and fearless”

  1. There’s no way to control what other people see in us and all we can do is be as confident as possible and not apologize for who we are. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. An interesting discussion on how fear holds us back and prevents us from being ourselves … I have lived like this for years and today at 30 I feel free at last!

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  3. If someone is not happy at their work place, then they should definitely quit and find another one where they are appreciated for the value they bring to the company. Good companies are keeping very strong the people who bring value to them, so why waste time and talent on a workplace where you can’t perform at your best because of the management?

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    1. I agree with you but till the time you find the best place, you should not give up especially if you like the organization and wanna work there. You should not stop your growth because of such headless morons.


  4. Don’t mind others. Don’t allow them to judge you. Live your life as if you wouldn’t live tomorrow! live life to the fullest, enjoy every single moment, for you would definitely enjoy the ride of life!


  5. so grateful to have come across this blog. i love the learning you shared with us. sometimes, we already know how to deal with challenges and successes but we need people like you to remind us. and i thank you for that .

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  6. This is a really inspiring post and I want to say thank you for sharing this. I actually saved this quotes to my phone.. ”Always remember that you don’t win the battle when it is done, rather you win the battle when you really decide to fight for yourself”

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  7. Such a great and inspiring message! It is so, so important to accept yourself before anyone else can and own who you are. It’s a lesson that takes a lifetime to really learn for some but I love seeing women encouraging other women.

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