It is never too late to “break in” to your passion

Sit back and think what you are doing with your life. Are you working towards achieving something which you are really passionate about or has your true passion in life eluded you thus far? It is never too late to realize your passion, do something that will give you peace, motivation and self satisfaction. I was talking to one of my friends about her passion and what she wants to do in future. She is multi-talented and academically strong as well. But still she is not able to enjoy the current state of affairs in her life. The reason is lack of right motivation and mundane course of daily work. When I asked her more about her niche and interests, she was confused. This is the issue most of us are dealing with on an everyday basis. Everyone has some special quality or skill that needs to be explored. If you have not found your passion in life yet, don’t worry about it. Ask yourself below questions and you might be able to figure out in which direction to go:

I don’t have time is a lame excuse for ”I don’t care about this enough” .. stop deluding yourself

What is that one thing that you can do repetitively?

Ask yourself, what is that one thing that you can do repetitively without having anyone to push you for the same? It is never too late to break into your passion anytime. It will not be surprising if you come up with more than one thing that you are passionate about. You have to prioritize and find out what you are good at and enjoy doing more. But remember to not confuse passion with recreation because passion makes your work feel like recreation, but recreation is not passion. Likewise, don’t ever confuse your profession with your passion, although they could be same.

What matters most: living up to your own expectations rather than to others?

There are so many people who are successful in different fields. Now just imagine, if they had not pursued their passion and blindly followed what was expected from them as a kid, as a student, or as a follower then would they have gone on to become legends in their respective fields? Imagine if Roger Federer had chosen to pursue another profession other than tennis. Surely, we would have missed out on witnessing one of history’s greatest legend in tennis, playing in all his glory, winning all accolades that can be awarded in the competitive professional sport. Ask yourself how would we have witnessed so many spell binding award winning movies in the absence of great creative directors and producers like Steven Spielberg, Qentin Tarantino, and so many other creative luminaries.

Don’t be afraid of failures, what matters is how you react to it.

There’s a tradition of so many great minds, including Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Abraham Lincoln who struggled early in their lives with academics but went on to do and achieve great things. Jack Ma the co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate struggled and faced so many failures that most of us cannot even stomach in a lifetime. Ma did not get deterred after being rejected by Harvard 10 times and stayed optimistic even after being turned down for 30 jobs. He is a living proof that no series of failures (despite how cripplingly depressing) can keep someone from achieving their dreams.

Innovate, don’t imitate else you will lag behind.

Don’t imitate others, be yourself but allow the people you admire to inspire you. Those who merely imitate will always be one step behind. At first you might feel that if your friend, co-worker or someone you know is doing it and is successful then you also can do the same thing. But no, hold back yourself right there because that will not be the case. Soon you will be fatigued of it or you might feel disinterested. Start something that you know you have the creativity to take forward on your own. You can be motivated by others but the ideas should be your own.

Reading can train your mind to imagination to think big.

Self learning is very important. You should be well versed about the field in which you want to work. There is a ton of data and learning resources available online (for free) so one should not rely on limited knowledge. Especially in this dot-com era, where all of us have our very own best friend called Google. Read, read and read until you feel that you have the conviction to defend your viewpoints.

Late bloomers, not losers.

What about those who succeed late in life – the late bloomers. Frankly speaking, there is no such thing like early achievers or late bloomers. That is the same as asking if it is better to start Facebook at 19 or IBM at 61? For the world at large it does not matter. Perhaps Facebook could never happen if IBM did not exist. Should Charles Flint have considered himself a loser when he incorporated IBM out of a time-card punching technology firm at the ripe age of 61? Those time-card punchers turned out to be early prototypes of computers. Thus It is that one push which is required and rest is your hard work and constant learning that takes you forward, time doesn’t matter at all. Therefore, there is no age to succeed, so one should not be afraid to take the first step.

Last but not the least, always remember, goals are dreams with deadlines. 

It is important to dream but it would be disastrous to just sit over those dreams thinking that they will turn into reality one day. We dream because we want to achieve something. However, this alone is not enough. It is certainly important to speculate but what is most important is to conceive your dreams as your goals, set a deadline for yourself and work hard to achieve them. It is okay if you miss some deadlines on the way to working towards your passion, but what is important is to take the plunge, discover your hidden potential and keep grinding to attain your goals.

Keep exploring, be motivated and be the change today.

Until next time… Payal

Published by

Payal Tyagi

I am a software professional with wide experience in various information technologies and I love grinding in as a software nerd. I have a great interest in the field of arts and entertainment and I love to write and talk about what I observe around me and gather knowledge from whatever I can.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on self-learning and the perks of teaching yourself a skill. And yes, your passion for something never dies. It just enhances,

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