About Me

Everything happens for a reason and everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, the imagination to improvise and your thoughts are pure.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. This is the best I can describe myself in few words. Now coming to my academics and my career background, I am a software professional with wide experience in various information technologies and I love grinding in as a software nerd. I work in an American based multi national company in United States. But I am destiny child for creativity as well. I have a great interest in the field of arts and entertainment. I love to write and talk about what I observe around me and gather knowledge from whatever I can. I started writing about my experiences long back but I slowly and suddenly realized that if I will be able to inspire anyone’s life by sharing my experiences and the path I followed to overcome then I will be really grateful. That’s why I am here with my “Life” blogs.

Coming from a scholars background where no one understands the idea of being a professional in entertainment industry, I evolved myself as a fashion and print commercial model as well. Started from some small cultural shows to professional modeling, I have made my mark in the fashion industry and had walked for some really great designers under the name of big productions. I have represented some world renowned designers in New York Fashion Week. During my New York Fashion Week journey I was honored and privileged to represent as a show stopper for a very talented New York based designer Re’ Malhi and was also invited to participate in Los Angeles Fashion Week. As a creative person and artist, my acting and on screen abilities landed me into many background works along with some speaking roles in TV Shows and short films. I have also worked on some regional music videos. I have been published in multiple magazines with Bonheur Magazine and Authentic Weddings being the latest one to mention. I believe in women empowerment and wants to raise a platform for potential women so that they can embrace self-confidence, discover their hidden potential and live their dreams.